Drive For Pakkage

Going my way?

Pakkage PAYS YOU for driving to places you were already heading to!

Tell our app where you're heading to and from. We'll show you a list of packages that need to be dropped off where you're going. Get paid $3 a package (tipping coming soon).

This means you could cover your gas and put a little change in your pocket, all for just dropping off packages where you were going anyway!

Get funds sent right to your PayPal account. No waiting on checks.

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Sign Up!

Download the app and sign up!

Fill in your Driver Profile.

Wait for Approval. (It's fast!)

Claim A Package

Claim a package near you.

This marks the package as yours to deliver.

You have 1 hour to pick up the package.

Pick Up Package

Head to the hub where you claimed a package.

Scan the hub's QR code.

Pick up the package and go!

Drop Off Package

Bring the package to the destination hub.

Scan the hub QR Code

Give package to attendant.

Get Paid!