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Who can be a Driver?

In order to be a Driver, you must be 18 years of age and download the Pakkage app via Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Once the Pakkage app is installed, simply login and register as a driver. You must have proof of a valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance with comprehensive coverage. Driver approval is usually granted within 24 hours.

Who can be a Sender?

In order to be a Sender, download the Pakkage app via Google Play or Apple’s App Store and provide the required registration information.

How does a Sender pay for sending a package?

Paying to send your package is simple and convenient. Payment is submitted using a credit card, PayPal, or similar online payment account.

Pakkage is like "ride-sharing apps”, but how does it work?

Here is an example: Let’s say you're from Bismarck and are about to drive to Minot. Simply login to the Pakkage Mobile App and see how many packages are waiting at the PAKKAGE HUB to be shipped to Minot. You would claim those packages, then stop by the PAKKAGE HUB in Bismarck, pick up the packages and drop them off at the PAKKAGE HUB in Minot. If there were four packages, you would get paid $3 per package (tips coming soon). Pakkage would pay you $12 for a trip you're going to make anyway.

You say "$3 per package." Is there a range in pay the driver will receive?

No, not a pay range, drivers who are careful with packages and provide timely pickup and delivery could earn TIPS from the sender. There is the potential to double the per package delivery rate.

How does a Pakkage Driver know where the Pakkage Hubs are located?

That's easy too. The Pakkage Mobile App tells the driver where the pick-up and drop-off Pakkage Hubs are located. They are usually 24-hour convenient stores making it efficient and easy on the sender and the driver.

Where is Pakkage available?

The Pakkage service is in a controlled launch phase beginning with North Dakota: Bismarck and Minot, followed shortly by Fargo, Grand Forks, Valley City and Dickinson. Please send us a note if you would like the service in your town at

How do Drivers get paid?

Drivers get weekly deposits directly into their online payment account, i.e. PayPal or similar.

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